López, Sabrina
Dirección de Email: sabrina.lopez@ic.fcen.uba.ar
Cargo: Becaria CONICET
Oficina: 2200C
Áreas de investigación:
Ciencia de Datos


Filling the gap in distribution ranges and conservation status in Ctenomys (Rodentia: Ctenomyidae).
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Conservation status, protected area coverage of Ctenomys (Rodentia, Ctenomyidae) species and molecular identification of a population in a national park.
Caraballo, D. A., López, S. L., Carmarán, A. A., y Rossi, M. S. Mammalian Biology, vol. 100 p. 33, 2021.


Spatiotemporal perturbations in paced finger tapping suggest a common mechanism for the processing of time errors.
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Vocal caricatures reveal signatures of speaker identity.
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