Mathematics for natural science


We combine the mathematical tolos generated in the institute to address biophysical problems of relevance. Among several projects we focus on the membrane protein folding problema, a crucial area for the natural science as well as very por understood. Considering that membrane proteins represent most of the target for approved drugs, our research intents to be useful for human science health.


We study human behavior and decision making using a combination of empirical research and mathematical models. Our efforts reach from low level processing of information (perception and perceptual metacognition) to higher functions such as opinion formation, cognitive biases and belief updating. We perform model-driven online and lab experiments and provide a quantitative description via computational and statistical models, often based on bayesian inference and signal detection theory.


Embon. Iair
Arrar, Mehrnoosh
Jonckheere, Matthieu
Laplagne, Santiago
Solovey, Guillermo
Leandro Lombardi, PhD