Sued, Mariela
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Job: Prof. Adj. Ded. Exclusiva Instituto de Cálculo / Investigadora Conicet
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Applied statistics

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These are my publications of the last years



2023. Boente, G., Leonardi, F., Rodriguez, D., & Sued, M.  Threshold detection under a semiparametric regression model. arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.18733.


Under Revission

2023. Forzani, L., Rodriguez, D., & Sued, M.  Asymptotic results for nonparametric regression estimators after sufficient dimension reduction estimation. arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.10537.

2023.  Forzani, L., Rodriguez, D., & Sued, M. A Penalization Method to Estimate the Intrinsic Dimensionality of Data. Available at SSRN 4292958.

2021. Leonardi, F., Lopez-Rosenfeld, M., Rodriguez, D., Severino, M.T. and Sued, M. Independent block identification in multivariate time series. Journal of Time Series
Analysis, 42(1), pp.19-33.

2019 Sued M., Valdora M., Yohai V. Robust doubly protected estimators for quantiles
with missing data. TEST. 21, 1-25.

2019 Boente, G., Rodriguez, D., Sued, M. The spatial sign covariance operator: Asymp-
totic results and applications. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 170, 115-128.

2019 Cholaquidis A, Fraiman R, Sued M. On semi-supervised learning. TEST. 16:1-24.

2019 Boubeta, F. M., Contestı́n Garcı́a, R. M., Lorenzo, E. N., Boechi, L., Estrin, D.,
Sued, M., & Arrar, M. Lessons learned about steered molecular dynamics simulations
and free energy calculations. Chemical biology & drug design. 93(6):1129-38.

2019 Forzani, L., Rodriguez, D., Smucler, E., & Sued, M. Sufficient dimension reduction
and prediction in regression: Asymptotic results. Journal of Multivariate Analysis.

2018 Bura, E., Duarte, S., Forzani, L., Smucler, E., & Sued, M. Asymptotic theory for
maximum likelihood estimates in reduced-rank multivariate generalized linear models.
Statistics, 1-20.

2018 Molina, J., Sued, M., & Valdora. Models for the propensity score that contemplate
the positivity assumption and their application to missing data and causality. Statistics
in medicine. 37, no. 24, 3503-3518.

2018 Arrar, M., Boubeta, F. M., Szretter, M. E., Sued, M., Boechi, L., & Rodriguez,
D. On the accurate estimation of free energies using the jarzynski equality. Journal of
computational chemistry, 40(4), 688-696.

2018 Gianatiempo, O., Sonzogni, S. V., Fesser, E. A., Belluscio, L. M., Smucler, E.,
Sued, M. R.,& Cánepa, E. T. Intergenerational transmission of maternal care deficiency
and offspring development delay induced by perinatal protein malnutrition. Nutritional
neuroscience, 1-11.


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